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ag Ag Antigua and Barbuda (ATG)   bb Bb Barbados (BRB)   bs Bs Bahamas (BAH)   bz Bz Belize (BLZ)   ca Ca Canada (CAN)   cr Cr Costa Rica (CRC)   cu Cu Cuba (CUB)   dm Dm Dominica (DMA)   do Do Dominican Republic (DOM)   gd Gd Grenada (GRN)   gt Gt Guatemala (GUA)   gy Gy Guyana (GUY)   hn Hn Honduras (HON)   ht Ht Haiti (HAI)   jm Jm Jamaica (JAM)   kn Kn Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN)   lc Lc Saint Lucia (LCA)   ni Ni Nicaragua (NCA)   pa Pa Panamá [Panama] (PAN)   sr Sr Suriname (SUR)   sv Sv El Salvador (SLV)   tt Tt Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)   vc Vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VIN) (23)

gp Gp Guadeloupe (GPE)   mq Mq Martinique (MTQ)   pr Pr Puerto Rico (PUR) (3)

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